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Carnegie holds her blind mother hostage to bend her will in his favor. Its a side effect from cannibalism and everyone in the movie checked each others hands because they wanted to stay away from the cannibals. Color has been drained away to give the picture a parched sepia look, and all hands on the craft and technical side have more than held up their. In the scene where carnegie and his men were looking for eli and solara while they. A man travels across a wasteland, carrying a mysterious and powerful book. Why does leigh anne thank lawrence taylor in the blind side. It is alleged you can spot them cos their hands tremble, the main character had to show his steady hand at one point to prove he wasnt. The book of eli is a 2010 american postapocalyptic neowestern action film directed by the hughes brothers, written by gary whitta, and starring denzel washington, gary oldman, mila kunis, ray stevenson, and jennifer beals. In the book of eli, why do the people keep checking hands. I was looking at the opening to once upon a time in the west. If eli was blind through out the movie then the movie is of the same genre as godzilla just plain camp, because ive known quite a few blind people with heightened senses and washington didnt. The book of eli is a 2010 american postapocalyptic neowestern action film directed by the.

In the bible, the high priest eli was blind, and some might say that there are several scenes which may indicate that in the. The reason he had to show his hands was to prove that he was not a cannibal. In the bible, eli grew gradually more blind, from partial sight up to the stage of. Eli bumps the car door with his bag to gauge exactly where it is. Most likely, redridge is giving solara a chance to escape carnegies regime. With a particularly viciouslooking machete, eli makes quick work of a.

Spoilers every clue in the book of eli that explains the. One of the first stardriven releases of 2010, the book of eli is a. In the movie the book of eli, was the character played by. If you are looking to see a truly fantastic movie, go see the blind side or rent. Throughout the movie at different times there were references to peoples hands. Cause even after i watched the movie i didnt realize that the hero was blind. Led by a voice in his head he walks west, guarding the one thing that could inspire humanity, or enslave it if it should fall into the wrong hands. A moment later, eli opens a closet and finds a young man who has hanged himself. Eli has to feel the feet to see if there are boots on the skeleton. But on the negative side of the balance sheet, theres also more than a little written down.

Each of the handful of handtohand combat sequences featured in the. The script was conceived by english screenwriter gary whitta and then subsequently rewritten by american screenwriter. Its not until shortly before the film ends that we learn the most remarkable thing about eli. Of the blind side, hancock said, sports, specifically football, was the engine that propelled the story forward, but he could have been a dancer or a pianist it wouldnt have made any. In the film the book of eli it is mentioned a few more than a couple but less than several times about the signs of a cannibal. The book of eli, with its enterprising journeyman and marauding cannibals, at least initially looks like a futuristic samurai western featuring a hero with quasisupernatural or, as he. If he is blind how do you explain the accurate shots with the arrow.

At this point, he knows he s dying, but perhaps still wants the best for her. Carnegie is searching for a book, and it turns out that eli possesses the very book he is looking. Why would frequent consumption of human flesh cause your hands to shake. It also features a new side of denzel we havent seen before, gary oldman. When he flicks the lighter open and flicks it, he moves his hand over the flame to. My brother, michael oher greater talent network duration. The movie the blind side was the greatest movie of the century. Eli was blind, if you didnt understand at the end of the movie, there may have been some parts that didnt make that clear. He has a book with him, that he has been reading every day since he.

The dvd took the top spot on all three national home video market charts in its first week. Eli wears dark sunglasses, as blind people often do. If you remember the part where eli and solara were inside the home of the elderly couple, solara asked eli why the old ladys hands were shaking and eli said, its from eating too much human meat. If someone consumes human brain and nervous system tissue, such as the. According to imdb faq, yes he was possibly partially blind. Eli was blind before the war and after finding the bible and hearing gods voice he regained his sight until his task was completed finding a safe place for the bible this is why he did things a blind man would do and could read braille and also why is eyes were normal at the start of the film and clouded and the end. Eli tells carnegies adopted daughter solara kunis that he has been driven west by voices in his head telling him that he must get the book into safe hands and that he will be protected along. Part 1 gary whitta on the book of eli the film stage. In the intro scene, when he was approaching the car with a skillton in it he hit the car with his bag when he was approaching it. The story revolves around eli, a nomad in a postapocalyptic world, who is told by a voice to deliver his copy of a mysterious book to a safe location on the west coast of. After carnegies blind mistress claudia brings eli food and water, carnegie orders her daughter solara to seduce eli, but he rebuffs her. The book of eli is ambitious and different from the current wave of postapocalyptic films. He finds a small town ruled by a ruthless man, who attempts to take the book.

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