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Water scarcity is a reality in jordan, as the country is counted among the worlds most arid countries. In terms of the water available to each citizen, jordan is one of the ten driest nations in the world. The map below shows the scale and distance water sources must travel to be distributed for use. The aquifers are depleting right now, we are losing several meters a year. Without new water sources, only 90cm per capita per year will be available in jordan by 2025. This paper addresses the water supply challenges that jordan faces and what has been accomplished to improve supply andor reduce demand. Meanwhile, water scarcity is only slated to get worse, as syrias civil war forces more syrian families to seek safety in northern jordan. Current demands for water are of the order of 955 mcm. Jordan is considered as one of the ten most water scarce countries in the world. More recently discovered minerals include barite the principal ore of the metallic element barium, quartzite, gypsum used as a fertilizer, and feldspar, and there are unexploited deposits of copper, uranium, and shale oil. This is a typical transboundary basin in which no country may dispose independently of its waters and all are at the mercy of the other riparians. In 2007 the demand exceeded resources by 638 mcmyear and the allocations exceeded resources by 73 mcm. Welcome to jordan overview of resources industrial minerals fossil fuels investment sources welcome to jordan.

With jordans population expected to continue to rise, the gap. The remaining approximately 15% comes from cityowned wells in the. Around three quarters of this water is used in the agricultural sector. Water resources management and policy in a changing world ii. Other water sources are fossil water, treated wastewater 110 million m3 in. Water sources for jordan valley water are distributed through a variety of pipelines, booster stations, and treatment plants for delivery throughout the salt lake valley. The largest environmental challenge that jordan faces today is the scarcity of water.

This book gives a detailed account of the scarce water resources of jordan, with a focus on their quantities, quality, and use for different sectors. Roof rainwater harvesting systems for household water supply. A multiagent, hydroeconomic case study of jordan, american geophysical union fall meeting, water and society. Jordan s primary water resources are aquifers and surface basins. This time, and with the help of our gtz partners, our national water master plan is a dynamic plan. Mineral resources include large deposits of phosphates, potash, limestone, and marble, as well as dolomite, kaolin, and salt. Atlas of jordan a brief history of water use in jordan. Rainfall is the only source of water supply in jordan to recharge the groundwater. Meanwhile, water scarcity is only slated to get worse, as syrias civil war forces more syrian families to. The water supply deficit is expected to grow dramatically, to an extreme level, between 2015 and 2025. Yarmouk accounts for almost 50% of the countrys surface water resources. Edited by the former minister of water and irrigation of jordan, with contributions by other prominent jordanian and international water professionals, this volume covers such areas as the populationwater resources equation in jordan. Approximately 70% of jordans population lives in urban areas.

Evaluation of nonconventional water resources supply in. Minister of water and irrigation jordan has very limited water resources. Other sources of water include surface water flows from precipitation in the jordan river basin, increasing treated waste water as well as nonconventional water resources such as brackish water. A high rate of natural population growth, combined with massive influxes of refugees, has transformed into an imbalance condition between population and water. Per capita water availability is very low and a water crisis is looming. Surface water resources form about 37% of the total water supply from 16 basins figure 3.

The aquifers thus exploited have been identified as a primary source for urban water supply to. Mohsen department of mechanical engineering, hashemite university, p o box 150459, zarqa 115, jordan tel. The jordan and yarmuk rivers are the major sources of surface water, but they have become unpredictable in recent years due to upstream damming and diverting by israel and syria, respectively. Which is a fairly small percent compared to the world average of water use by industry which is. The fact is that existing sources of water in jordan are hardly sufficient to cover existing. Under jordanian law it is forbidden to discharge untreated. This shortfall is currently managed by controlling supply, but this is unsustainable. Jordan is one of the most waterscarce countries in the world. Water quantity and quality also have major health and environmental impacts. Planning jordans water future lessons learnt from the water sector planning support project. Amman, the capital of jordan, has grown rapidly in the past 50.

Amman, and a major project has been designed to convey water to. Jordan right now is the third poorest country in water. Total water use by industry accounts for around 4 percent of overall water use in jordan depending on the yearcorrelating climate raddad, 2004. Jordan is now accessing nonrenewable water resources from fossilized deepwater aquifers. Nevertheless, the agreement reached in 1920 between. Water, being a scarce resource and the limiting factor to an overall positive socioeconomic development of jordan, needs to be understood as ultimately linked to other crucial resources, such as energy. This is one of the highest rates in the middle east and north africa. Management of water resources is therefore a key issue facing national government authorities. Already scarce water resources will soon be stretched even thinner by a population projected to double in less. The azraq irbad water supply project for jordans two components are.

In terms of percapita availability of renewable water resources, jordan is one of the most water scarce countries in the world. Water woes come to fore at jordan, nato meeting jordan times. Usaidjordan water management initiative maram barqawi. Jordan is one of the most water scarce countries in the world. A primer 1 water resources in jordan the kingdom of jordan covers an area of 89,322 km2 in the middle east. Impact of climate change on water resources in jordan. Water resources consist primarily of surface and groundwater, with treated wastewater being used on an increasing scale for irrigation, mostly in the jordan valley. The countrys renewable water supply currently only meets about half of the populations water demands, with groundwater being used twice as quickly as it can be recharged. Jordan is one of the middle east countries located to the northwest of saudi arabia, between israel and iraq. Evaluation of nonconventional water resources supply in jordan. Most of the treated wastewater is released from treatment plants near the major population centres and major wastewater sources in the centre of the country, into watercourses on the ridge of the jordan valley, where it flows into the valley for use in irrigation fig.

Surface water resources, such as the jordan, yarmouk and zarqa rivers, provide 239 mcmyr of water. The major sources of the jordan river, the dan telelqadi and banias springs, were to be in palestine. It details the political, social, and economic dimensions of the scarce water resources along with their implications on jordan s cooperation with its neighbors. In terms of percapita availability of renewable water resources, jordan is one of the most waterscarce countries in the world. The water supply and distribution system of the nabataean city of petra in southwestern jordan has been explored and together with data extracted from excavation sources, key cisterns, dams, springs, channels and pipelines comprising the water distribution system have been placed on a site map. Water supply and sanitation in jordan is characterized by severe water scarcity, which has been exacerbated by forced immigration as a result of the 1948 arabisraeli war, the sixday war in 1967, the gulf war of 1990, the iraq war of 2003 and the syrian civil war since 2011. Simulating partially illegal markets of private tanker water providers on the country level. However, most of the rainfall that feed these aquifers evaporates, leaving only 3. However, after israel built the national water carrier in 1953 and diverted water from lake tiberias to israels coastal plains and southern desert, the flow of the lower jordan river dropped significantly. A high rate of population growth and the influx of refugees from regional conflicts are putting additional.

Agricultural production in jordan has experienced tremendous growth due to the expansion of irrigation, plastic houses, and hybrid varieties of crops. The jordan river basin extends over lebanon, syria, jordan, israel and the palestinian authority. National water resources jordans fresh water resources are limited, except for a few small streams the zarqa, yarmouk and wadi shuib rivers which are. The rising cost of oil has affected every sector of society, including food and other basic goods. Water strategies and potential of desalination in jordan. Jordan is considered as a hub and transit country and can play a major role linking oil, gas and electricity network among the region. Jordans water resource challenges and the prospects for. Jordan is known to be one of the most water scarce countries in the world, where water shortage has become of a permanent nature, meeting water demands a challenge and. The water division works to ensure the communitys drinking water is clean and meets all established standards. Jordan food and agriculture organization of the united nations.

Usaidjordan water management initiative usaidjordan. What you need to know about water scarcity in jordan. West of the jordan river cisjordanisrael and palestine certain. However, water supply is intermittent and it is common to store water in rooftop tanks. Jordans renewable water resources can supply around 750 million cubic metres a year, leaving an annual deficit which has grown steadily, despite the huge programme of investment in the water sector, from 222 million cubic metres in 1995 to a predicted. Evaluation of nonconventional water resources supply in jordan jamal o.

Pdf an overview of the water situation in amman, jordan. The water authority of jordan is a government department that develops legislation and regulations relevant to the water sector in jordan. As indicated in figure 7, surface water in jordan contributes about 28% of the total water supply in the country. Water sources jordan valley water conservancy district. Groundwater is the major water resource in jordan and most of the ground water systems are already exploited beyond their estimated safe yield. Jordan water supply project english the world bank. Water resources in jordan fanack jordan fanack water. By one estimate, the amount of water lost nationwide every year could satisfy the basic needs of 2. Usaidjordan water management initiative helena hlavaty. Increasing overall water extraction to meet demand carries a high cost. The lower jordan river basin see figure is the most populated and economically active region of the county and is endowed with 80% of its water resources courcier et. We dont have any rivers we have no water sources except aquifers. The water authority of jordan will provide all of its service recipients in the hashemite kingdom of jordan with drinking water according to jordanian quality standards at optimized cost, manage available water resources efficiently, protect them from pollution, distribute water fairly, search for new sources, apply legislations to prevent. The available water from the existing renewable resources are projected to fall to less than 91 m 3 c.

The total area of the country is 89,342 km 2, and it has a population of 6,508,887 as of july 2012. Many methods have been suggested to increase the sources of water supply. Definitely, water is the significant feature in the populationresource equation where water resources in jordan are limited and the countrys population has continued to rise. However, after israel built the national water carrier in 1953 and diverted water from lake tiberias to israels coastal plains and southern desert. In regard of oil and gas, jordan has not been explored yet. Mar 27, 2019 water scarcity is a reality in jordan, as the country is counted among the worlds most arid countries. Jordans primary water resources are aquifers and surface basins. The countrys annual water demand was projected to rise to over 1. Roof rainwater harvesting systems for household water. Sustainable water strategies for jordan 3 another issue with water treatment and supply going into the future is the problem of energy. In the past, one of the main water resources in jordan was the jordan river, with a flow of 1. The average american has access to 45 times more water each year than the typical jordanian. Safe drinking water is essential water resources management. The water resources of jordan consist of groundwater and fossil water which are found in aquifers at different depths throughout jordan.

Chapter 1 executive summary towards a water strategy for jordan. Jordan is now accessing nonrenewable water resources from fossilized deep water aquifers. Water supply after accounting for the water users in jordan, a look to the countrys water supply is needed in order to see how the demand is met. Broad economic development and high demographic growth during the second half of the 20th century have put increasing pressure on jordan water resources. Pdf water shortage in jordan sustainable solutions.

Water and diplomacy in the jordan river basin eliahu rosenthal and robbie sabel eliahu rosenthal is a former lecturer and researcher in hydrogeology and hydrogeochemistry. Jordan s conventional, or natural, water resources originate in rainfall, ground waters, and surface waters. Amman water minister raed abul saud on tuesday received a highlevel nato delegation representing members of the mediterranean sea and middle east special group for a meeting that focused on jordans water woes and the main challenges facing the sector. These challenges for jordan, and the ministry of water and irrigation as the planning body in the water sector, are the main focus of the second national water master plan for jordan, supported by the water sector planning support project. This is the first comprehensive, multidisciplinary book to address water policy in jordan. Furthermore, it is concluded that water has been subordinate to other.

Phenotypic identification of extended spectrum betalactamase esbl and carbapenemase production was done. The study investigated the prevalence of potentially pathogenic and drug resistant escherichia coli among drinking water sources in jordan. Treated waste water provides a possible additional source of water, but there are concerns and limitations over its use. It details the political, social, and economic dimensions of the scarce water resources along with their implications on jordans cooperation with its neighbors.

Edited by the former minister of water and irrigation of jordan, with contributions by other prominent jordanian and international water professionals, this volume covers such areas as the population water resources equation in jordan. Vegetable and fruit exports represented 38% and 15% respectively of jordans national production extension services are provided by a combination of public and private sector sources. Treated wastewater is becoming an increasingly important resource, contributing around 12% to the national water budget in 20. Water quality and quantity have become of great importance in jordan in the last four decades. Jordans water resource challenges and the prospects for sustainability. Water resources the potential for water resources in jordan ranges from 1,000 to 1,200 mcm, including recycled treated wastewater.

Analysis of supply and demand deserts comprise 92 percent of jordans territory. In addition, it addresses water sector issues in a holistic manner, including resource and demand management, institutional, legal, socioeconomic, and. The city buys about 85% of its wholesale treated water from the jordan valley water conservancy district water sources include mountain reservoirs, springs, wells, and other sources. It is concluded that the water negotiations, both between israel and the palestinians and between israel and jordan have been intimately linked to the other issues on the negotiation table. It conducts programmes related to the implementation of water policies, the development and protection of water sources, the provision of water and sewerage services and the improvement of infrastructure to. Antimicrobial susceptibility testing was done using the kirby bauer disk diffusion method. The current per capita water supply in jordan is 200m3 per year which is almost onethird of the global average. Assessing those impacts against alternative water management and efficiency strategies, and in the light. Sewage treated wastewater should be the most important source of water in irrigation in the near future. This is far below the international poverty line of 500 m3year. Water resources in the uae can be classified into two main categories. Water shortage has forced jordan to take in consideration all. Provides important background information about the jordan response plan, key actors and stakeholders, funding sources, design and methodology, key phases, overall cooperation and structure, etc.

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