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A regular hub has teeth inside the hub or freewheel such that, when the driver rotates clockwise, the hub engages, driving the. Odyssey g sport uniguard black 14mm cinema vf universal front hub guard black 38 we the people supreme alloy rear hub guard black. The driver is also supported from the outside by a huge bearing making this hub ultra reliable and maintenance free. Riding forward it feels like a cassette and has no slack. Advantages disadvantages of freecoaster and cassette hubs. Discover our offer of highquality bmx hubs at top prices. Please complete all fields below to submit your price match. Lately, a bmx hub called freecoaster has become very popular on the freestyle bmx scene. Replacement driver for cult match freecoaster v2 hubs. The z coaster is a proprietary freecoaster style hub engineered. Matte black, matte red, matte blue, matte purple, matte gold and silver weight. Khe lhd greyhound bmx freecoaster hub adjustable greyanthracite 36 hole 14mm.

A tiny onepiece driver used to be an aftermarket upgrade to your hub, but most modern cassette hubs and freecoaster hubs more on those another day come standard with a tiny onepiece driver. Profile mini cassette hubs w 9t crmo driver 38 bark cloth. Keep reading to learn about the different types of bmx hubs you can buy and also the best hubs for each riding style. V2 drivers not compatible with v1 hubs unless you also use a v2 axle. When the clutch threads into the driver, it acts like a vice and clamps the large.

Gt freecoaster wheel nbs gt freecoaster wheel nbs freecoaster sealed 36h hub double wall rim lsd or rsd options 9t driver ready to ride makes certain freestyle tricks possible matching front is available all negro. Any questions feel free to leave in the comments and we will do our best to. Not to forget is the powerful shining anthracite colour and the crsiman logo onto it which supports. When the clutch threads into the driver, it acts like a vice and clamps the large drive side hub bearing, and ultimately will cause large loads on that bearing causing. The free night hub is the first planetary coaster enjoy a cassette feeling while pedaling forward, and a free coaster slack going backwards. The freecoaster has acb bearings and owns a 14mm crmo axle. Check out our huge selection of bmx hub drivers and bmx freewheels at albes bmx. The cult crew freecoaster is a very durable, but high market bmx hub due to its outstanding features such as a cnc machined alloy hub shell and a heat treated hollow 14mm chromoly axle which ensures the longevity of the bmx hub additionally the cult crew freecoaster has astonishing build quality as it encompasses a custom tapered roller bearing behind the driver for maximum side load support. Tooth driverrhd replacement 9tooth chromoly driver for clutch freecoaster hub. Ive been reading a lot over the past few days about bmx, and last night i watched a few videos like this one. Bmx hubs at the secret bmx shop, bmx, hub, hubs, bmx hubs, the secret, bmx shop, the secret bmx, bmx mailorder, bmx online, bmx web store.

Reduce 200g with our completely new slack control system the planetary clutch. A new, superstrong full 14mm axle, bearing configuration, and drag mechanism design stops the need for constant repairs. How to replace free coaster driver colony bmx youtube. The alienation rush v3 freecoaster is made from highly quality parts and comes in both a lefthand drive or a righthand drive option. Here you find drivers for the most popular bmx freecoaster hubs of the world. Bmx hub types and gear ratios bmx tech wiki fandom. The match fc hub has a cnc machined 6061t6 aluminum hub shell, 1pc chromoly driver with a needle r add to cart. The long awaited h series hubs are here designed to rock. Features khe based internals, a 9t sealed bearing driver, and a super strong heat treated 14mm axle with 6mm internal hex. Merritt tension front hub guard front black misc steel 14mm ax. Its a new type coaster, not just the same internals in a different shell. Hub springs, bearings and much more, luxbmx offers a full range of hub parts to keep your wheels rolling smooth. Freecoaster hub driver bmx shop paranogarage first class bmx mai cookies.

Primo freemix, federal freecoaster, khe freecoaster, colony freecoaster, cult freecoaster, demolition freecoaster or stranger freecoaster and any other with the same internal technology patented by khe. For example, if youre a street rider, a freecoaster hub may be the best choice for you. Freecoaster hubs sound very ideal for bmx beginners as they aid the riders control and balance whilst riding however, freecoaster hubs are no where near as reliable as regular hubs as theyre a newer development and the technology inside is not as advanced and refined as the more structurally sound cassette hubs which have been redesigned and developed for years. This cult match v2 freecoaster driver is a replacement part for cult match v2 freecoaster. Some hubs use smaller bearings but these prove to be one of the longest lasting bearings available drive side.

Most bmx bikes come with cassette hubs, which is single gear hubs single speed. Buy the merritt bmx final drive freecoaster hub at albes bmx bike shop online. The clutch v2 freecoaster hub by odyssey is a traditional clutchbased freecoaster hub, wherefrom it also got its name. While moving backwards it provides the free coaster slack and. Detailed look into how to replace the driver in a colony free coaster. Browse our huge selection of bmx freecoaster hubs and rear bmx hubs at albes. Odyssey clutch freecoaster v2 bmx rear hub hubs wheels.

Salt plus universal rear hub guard fits most 14mm cassette hubs chromo nylon bl. Bmx wheels are available in the sizes 12 to 20 inches. Replacement driver for most currentlyavailable freecoaster hubs using an acb bearing angular contact bearing. Z coaster bmx hub drivers replacement drivers exclusively for profile z coaster hub. Freecoasters allow the rider to go backwards without having to backpedal like a typical cassette of freewheel hub, opening up a whole new world of trick possibilities. Elite front hubs are very similar to the totem front hubs. Merritt final drive freecoaster rhd hub black planet bmx. Bike hubs are a very important part of a bmx build to get right. The clutch hub is a traditional clutchbased coaster hub design that eliminates all of the problematic elements on ordinary hubs and only keeps the parts that work. Dans comp has a selection of complete freecoaster wheels built up and ready to go.

They use the same hub shells, and feature similar anodized co profile elite cassette hubset standard with aluminum driver. On the other hand, a dirt jump rider could never ride effectively with a freecoaster. Most hubs are made by default to be used with the chain on the right side of your bike, commonly called rhd for righthand drive. Paired with the fx rear hub guard, this hub is a beast. Any questions feel free to leave in the comments and we will do our best to answer the. Primo freemix demoliti replacement driver for most modern freecoaster hubs using an acb bearing angular contact bearing. Cult match v2 freecoaster driver kunstform bmx shop. Front bmx hubs rear bmx hubs bmx rims bmx spokes hub spares. Our new freecoaster uses the same reliable interals designed by khe that youd.

The profile elite 20mm front hub is manufa profile elite 38 front hub. Cult freecoaster hub driver cult bmx back bone bmx shop. The balance freecoaster hub features dual nylon guards and offset flanges. This is the 2nd and renewed version of the clutch, in a stronger design that requires fewer repairs and allows more slack. Get your freecoaster running smooth again with this replacement freecoaster hub driver. The free night hub is our own invented and developed free coaster hub. The newest addition to profile racings quality line of bmx hubs has arrived.

The merritt final drive freecoaster hub features a slimmed down, cnc machined 6061 aluminum hub shell with proven khe style clutch internals, 14mm hollow chromoly axle, an angular contact bearing acb for additional side load support, needle thrust bearing behind the clutch to reduce back pedal drag, and a 1pc chromoly driver with polymer driver bushing to increase reliability. Home khefederal freecoaster bmx driver khefederal freecoaster bmx driver. Primo freemixdemolition rotator v2federal v2 and v3khe reverse. Buy a colony freecoaster hub driver online back bone bmx. Z coaster hub build your own hub byoh choices for following. The ezra freecoaster hubs simplistic design make it one of the most advanced and most durable freecoaster hubs of all time. When the team asked for a simple, durable freecoaster hub with a larger slack setting than most, we got to work on developing something totally new. The newly and highly anticipated ezra freecoaster hub is now available. Stocking the best brands including eclat, odyssey kink. Luxbmx carries the biggest range of the best freecoaster hubs on the market.

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